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Events in Coming up in 2023/24


“The writers in our new programme are unified in their desire to take aim at preconceptions, stereotypes, and centres of power. Their words dismantle our understanding of the world, inviting new meanings and a stronger empathy for the communities we live in and among. In the same breath, the work is playful, dynamic, and highly imaginative.

It’s a privilege to present my final programme of work as Artistic Director of this extraordinary theatre. Very soon a new visionary will be in place and I’m sure, under their guardianship, the Court will continue to inspire, invigorate and provoke writers, theatre-makers and audiences alike.” 

Vicky Featherstone, Artistic Director

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Blue Mist

by Mohamed-Zain Dada

Thu 05 Oct - Sat 18 Nov 2023

Venue: Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Mates in Chelsea

by Rory Mullarkey

Fri 03 Nov - Sat 16 Dec

Venue: Jerwood Theatre Downstairs

Bullring Techno Makeout Jamz

by Nathan Queeley - Dennis

Tue 28 Nov - Wed 20 Dec

Venue: Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Talking About The Fire

Written and performed by Chris Thorpe

Wed 06 Dec - Sat 16 Dec

Venue: Jerwood Theatre Upstairs


by Charlie Josephine

Thu 11 Jan - Sat 10 Feb 2024

Venue: Jerwood Theatre Downstairs