International Playwrights' Programme

For more than 20 years, the Royal Court’s International Playwrights’ Programme has encouraged emerging writers in all parts of the world to address subjects that they felt were urgent in their societies.

In more than 70 countries and over 40 languages writers have felt inspired to write provocative new plays that are responding to our changing world and creating unique works for our times. Some of these writers have worked under incredible hardships in fractured societies.

Through long term collaborations, a distinctive body of work exists that has enriched our own theatre culture and the new writing culture in the many countries where the work has taken place. Long term play development relationships now exist through projects and exchanges with writers from countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Chile, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Palestine, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Syria, Turkey,  Uruguay and Zimbabwe.


Through this programme many international writers and plays are brought to London for further work and sometimes production.

The International Department has pioneered the use of theatre practitioners as translators and the integral involvement of the translator in the play development and rehearsal process.

For all enquiries, please email [email protected]

From 1997-2018 the International Playwrights Programme was supported by the Genesis Foundation.

All long term projects abroad are also supported by the British Council.