Outside Edge Theatre Company launches writing group 'Write Two' in partnership with the Royal Court

Published on Mon 13 Sep 2021

The first cohort of Outside Edge Theatre Company’s intermediate writing group ‘Write Two’, in partnership with the Royal Court Theatre, begins tonight.

Write Two members form a new Writers Group led by a Royal Court-produced playwright at the Royal Court Theatre.

The lead playwright will guide members through a gentle process to write a *full-length play.

With writing time built into the structure of the group, members will also receive one-to-one dramaturgical support from the company’s literary department. Writers will build on the work they have undertaken in Write Now – a script writing drop-in group held by Outside Edge – to delve deeper into structure, story, character and to develop their unique voice as a playwright.

A selection of short pieces will be rehearsed by professional actors and directors to share with an audience in 2022.

This group is for those writers excited by the challenge of taking the next step with their writing and as such requires a minimum of 3 months continuous commitment to one of Outside Edge’s drop-in Write Now groups in order to join.

*the emphasis will be on completing a full idea for a play rather than on actual length of the play – for these purposes a full-length piece can mean anything from 25 mins and above

The second cohort for Write Two will commence in February 2022.

For more information on Outside Edge Theatre Company, see their website.