Invitational groups

We run bespoke groups throughout the year and one regular group yearly – Live Lunch. We put together these groups based on the work that we see and that we read through our unsolicited script stream.

Live Lunch is a focused group which begins with the offer of time, space and an audience to write towards.  Through Live Lunch, we support writers in the dramaturgical development of their work through an accelerated production process, asking them to be brave in committing to showing very fresh work to a public audience and in allowing themselves to respond spontaneously to the provocations of the group.

Invitational groups tend to begin with a question from the experienced playwright or artist leading them.  Writers are drawn from our wider knowledge of current playwriting work in the UK and beyond, our own introductory groups and the reading that the theatre undertakes.

Artists we have worked with to lead groups include Chloe Lamford, Chris Goode, Mark Ravenhill, Alistair McDowall, Nick Payne, Suhayla El-Bushra, Stef Smith, EV Crowe, Simon Stephens, Chris Thompson, Leo Butler, Rachel De-Lahay, Brad Birch, Vivienne Franzmann, Stella Feehily and Luke Barnes.

Our commitment to writers whose work we have commissioned means we provide resources to support and develop their work towards production guided by these same principles.

If you’d like us to come and see your work, you can email [email protected] – it’s advisable that you give us several weeks notice as we are a small department. Sadly we can’t see everything we’re invited to but we will both respond and come along where we can.