Our three-year residency project in two very different areas of London: Tottenham and Pimlico.

-In 2015 we brought the Royal Court from Sloane Square to Tottenham. Working with the local community we:
-Played to over 500 local audience members
-Worked with 14 Tottenham-based organisations
-Held 20 public performances in eight different locations across the community, including the sold-out Liberian Girl by Diana Nneka Atuona at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre
-Worked with eight different community casts, three of which were made up of under 18s
-Brought performances by six world-class artists to the local area
-Had 89 meetings with local people and organisations
-Led 55 workshops for schools, youth groups, organisations and local residents
-Engaged with 26 Tottenham-based artists
-Held a Summer Festival of performances throughout August

Our overarching aim in Year 2 was to create projects with different key sectors of the Tottenham community.

Building on the connections we made in Year 1, along with some new friends, we presented a three week summer festival, featuring work made in collaboration with local people and artists.

The festival explored Tottenham through art forms including short films, outdoor performances and live music, all of which were free for local residents. It included:

-Creating a festival hub and pop up venue, The Shipping Container, on Tottenham High Road.
-Producing six site-specific, promenade performances in Markfield Park, exploring South Tottenham’s Jewish community.
-Programming three nights of Platform Tottenham – an open mic night showcasing Tottenham’s home-grown writers, performers and musicians – one of which was held here at the Royal Court.
-Paired 6 writers with 6 Tottenham residents to create a 10 minute piece of work, telling stories from their respective parts of the community.
-We engaged members of the male Islamic community on a film project in which they created and featured in 6 short documentaries about issues that matter to them.
-Holding workshops in partnership with Bernie Grants Arts Centre, led by Royal Court writers and directors.

-We worked with R.O.A.D. Entertainment to present a screening of Tottenham x Teriy, a documentary film taking a candid glimpse at those living in Tottenham, with a spotlight on 25 year old multi-award winning Music Executive and Entrepreneur Teriy Keys, Esq., who now runs a fledging Entertainment company and Educational Training Centre in Tottenham.  Tottenham x Teriy was launched with a screening at the Royal Court Theatre on 30 March 2017, followed by a panel discussion with Jonathan Badyal, Jusnah Gadi, Teriy Keys and Lynette Linton on The Rise of the Young Entrepreneur in 2017. The full film is now live. Scroll down to watch it.

-In late 2017 Royal Court Associate Director Hamish Pirie worked to form an artistic team of writers, directors and performers, all residents of Tottenham, to devise a final piece of work inspired by the local community – the culmination of our 3-year project.