Court at Home

The theatre is empty and we’re missing our community which includes you. So to keep us connected, and for something a bit lighter in these difficult times, we’re launching Court at Home – a DIY, digital celebration of Royal Court plays and you.

Our writers ask us to see the world around us differently. They constantly surprise us in their ability to mix minutiae and epic. They can make the extraordinary ordinary and ordinary extraordinary. The painful funny and the funny painful.

For Court at Home we’re asking you to think back to moments from those plays that have impacted you and ‘stage’ and capture one line sharing how you’re existing in this new world. All you’ll need is a phone with a camera, each tiny film should be no more than 25 seconds.

Here’s how you can take part:

  1. Choose a line from a Royal Court play. To help you find some inspiration, we’ve asked Royal Court staff to let us know their favourites, click here to take a look.
  2. Pick an activity. Choose something from your lockdown routine, it may be something mundane you do daily, or something new you’ve started whilst at home.
  3. Consider casting and style.  The line can be performed by any number of people (from one to as many available in your home) and in a way that suits your imagination, whether that be talking saucepans, intimate naturalism or musical theatre.
  4. Film your performance.
    – The line and action must be filmed on a smart phone and nothing more elaborate.
    – Videos can be 5 – 25 seconds long.
    – Film it (ideally in landscape i.e. turn the camera on its side)
    – We’d love you to include a non-digital (i.e. handwritten on a piece of paper or in chalk on the floor) title page ‘Court at Home with [your name]’ at the beginning, and the name of the play and writer at the end of the video e.g. handwritten on paper or on chalk on the floor
  5. Keep us all connected and share your short film. Share your film on social media with the hashtag #CourtatHome and email it to us at [email protected] so we can share it. Is your file to big to email? Send it via WeTransfer here or via WhatsApp here.(Please include your first name in the message).

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A few t&cs: 

Follow government advice. This video must be created in your home, or during your daily exercise, and all performers must live with you.

Only the one line chosen may be spoken. This line can be repeated or shared as many or little as suits. 

It is our intention that the act of this must not be taken too seriously. 

If pleasure is gained from this act then by all means repeat the whole ordeal again with a different Royal Court line and activity of your choosing.

Please note, if you choose to submit your film via WhatsApp we will delete your message and phone number within two weeks of receiving the film. Films that have been submitted will remain on our YouTube Channel and website indefinitely unless the person who made the submission asks us to remove it. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.