Some of our favourite quotes

Court at Home starts with you choosing a line a Royal Court play.

To inspire you (we want you to choose your own), here are some of our brilliant staff’s favourite quotes. We will change it over the next few weeks as there were too many to put here…

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Scenes with girls by Miriam Battye

“You’re like the human equivalent of a Little Mix song.”

Annie Moohan, Finance & Administration Assistant


Imp by Caryl Churchill

“you look at it now and just think what?”

Tanya Follett, Producing Co-ordinator


ear for eye by debbie tucker green

“Holding each other, chantin warm breath blowing into freezing cold air – marching up our outrage”

Philip Morris, Trainee Director


Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth

“Don’t listen to no-one and nothing but what your own heart bids. Fight to the death. Don’t give up.”

Sarah Bryce, Development Officer


Blasted by Sarah Kane

“I’ve shat in better places than this.”

Izzy Rabey, Trainee Director


Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill

“Terrible rage terrible rage terrible rage terrible rage”

Ellie Horne, Literary Associate & Joni Carter, Company Manager


On Bear Ridge by Ed Thomas

“Then they cut out his tongue. My boy. My beautiful boy.”

Farrar Hornby, Sales & Ticketing Manager


In the Republic of Happiness by Martin Crimp

“You think I don’t know how to click on trauma and drag it into the document of my own life.”

Sam Pritchard, Associate Director


Girls & Boys by Dennis Kelly

“If he doesn’t come soon…
he’s going to fuck me right into that puddle of puke.”
Let me tell you something – when a sentence like that 
appears in your life, you know it’s time to start looking at
your choices.”

Charlotte Cole, Development Manager


all of it by Alistair McDowall

“take care of your brother”

Rosie Evans-Hill, Press Assistant


seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee Jones

“Can you not refer to my lovers as bitches, I prefer the non-gender specific term tings”

Ellie Fulcher, Participation Facilitator


Scenes with girls by Miriam Battye

“I’m totally fine just a boy fell into my head last night and knocked a few things over…”

Vishni Velada-Billson, Head of Participation


seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee Jones

“in year 10 there was a spike”

Rosie Evans-Hill, Press Assistant


Crave by Sarah Kane

“and want to buy you a kitten I’d get jealous of because it would get more attention than me.”

Romana Flello, Participation Manager


Constellations by Nick Payne

“And if you never want to see me again, you never have to see me again.”

Minna Sharpe, Producer


The Sewing Group by E. V. Crowe

“This section looks like it was sewn at four am. A very strange time to be sewing. Abnormally late. And the colour of the thread is slightly off. It’s almost right but not quite as it should be. Not totally normal.”

Charlotte Christesen, Deputy Development Director


Cyprus Avenue by David Ireland

“Sit on the bench like a proper protestant.”

Bertie Cox, Front of House


Pity by Rory Mullarkey

Stage direction: They kill the famous actor and eat him

Milli Bhatia, Literary Associate


Gundog by Simon Longman

“I would reach up into the sky and put my fingers through the holes made by the stars. And stop everything turning. Make time stop. Enough for you to be brave.

Thomas Lawson, Front of House & Cat Roberts, Lighting Technician


Pity by Rory Mullarkey

Are you an angel?

Yes but I’m sorry I’m on my way somewhere else

She flies off

I guess I’ll just wait then
Not long now
I guess I’ll just wait

He waits

I guess I’ll just wait

He waits

Candace Chan, Marketing Manager


Road by Jim Cartwright

“Why’s the world so tough? It’s like walking through meat in high heels. Nothing’s shared out right, money or love. I’m a quiet person me. People think I’m deaf and dumb. I want to say things but it hard. I have big wishes, you know? I want my life to be all shine’id up.”

Maisie Adair, Front of House & Julia Grogan, Bar & Kitchen


Shopping and Fucking by Mark Ravenhill

“Dad, I say, what are the first few words in the Bible? And he looks at me, he looks me in the eye and he says: Son, the first few words in the bible are….get the money first. Get. The. Money. First”

Ally Manson, Front of House


Superhoe by Nicôle Lecky

“Tell me how’s your day been, tell me ’bout your dog”

Johnny Wilson, Head of Lighting


Scarborough by Fiona Evans

“I’m old enough to shag, but not old enough to understand. Explain. Go on, you’re the teacher.”

Fiona Sagar, Stage Door


Linda by Penelope Skinner

“You might be more powerful and more wealthy than you were twenty years ago but you? You’re just a dried up old husk! Why would anyone want to fuck you once your womb stops working?”

Victoria Sye, Front of House


Imp by Caryl Churchill

“I whisper to it. I shake the bottle. And all that power comes out and destroys him”

Stephen Hamilton, Bar & Kitchen Supervisor


A Kind of People by Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti

“Children of immigrants don’t camp love. We’re trying to get away from that shit”

Faye Weerasinghe, Front of House


Scarborough by Fiona Evans

“Oh no” (long long pause) “I am even more beautiful”

George Wilde, Front of House


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