Young Agitators

The Young Agitators participate in a year-long programme that integrates young adults into the heart of the Royal Court; developing deep understanding of the uniqueness of how this theatre works. Our aim is to support the development of our future theatre makers and provide pathways into the theatre industry.

The Young Agitators all receive dramaturgical training (previously our Script Panel), facilitation skills, and expertise workshops with industry professionals. As Young Agitator they will support-facilitate workshop sessions, attend dinners with political activists, be assigned a mentor from the Royal Court staff and support and curate Big Idea events and creative collaborations with the Royal Court season.

The programme includes; dramaturgical and facilitation training, expertise workshops with industry professionals across all theatre departments, dinners with political activists to discuss and debate issues they want to interrogate, attending rehearsals for Royal Court shows, curating Rapid Responses and supporting the curation of Big Idea events, contributing to post show discussions with playwrights and directors and being mentored by a member of the Royal Court staff team.

This year we have 15 Young Agitators, aged 18-25 years, all of whom will become creatively embedded here at the Royal Court.

This year's Young Agitators

Past Events

The System
Sat 14 Oct 2017
Inspired by The Fall, Victory Condition, B and Road, The Young Agitators created an event which acknowledged and addressed questions around the title The System. Including installations, panel discussions, Q&A’s with writers Chris Thorpe, Guillermo Calderon and the cast of The Fall. Plays written by Young Court writers aged 8-25 and a ballot box for audiences to suggest changes the Young Agitators, staff and creatives can make that the government cannot. This free day of events took place in various locations throughout the Royal Court building.

‘Great to see plays done by young people about old world problems.’

‘A great range of plays exploring the premise thoughtfully, playfully and provocatively.’

‘Loved thinking about what the world could become.  What we can stop.  Brought issues in the human system to light through abstract/ dystopia.’

Fri 11 Aug 2017
The Young Agitators conducted an event which focused on the artistic work from emerging artists. It featured: short plays, 3 short films accompanied by movement, a performance art piece, a spoken word piece and an original piano composition. The sold out event attracted new audiences to  the Royal Court and was a starting point for new relationships with young artists.

‘Overjoyed, humbled and empowered by the power of youth!’

‘Absolutely amazing, surprisingly honest and raw! Best show I’ve seen all year!’

‘A great concept with very talented performers and writers. Loved void, sauce and primal instinct was interesting to say the least but left an impression! Thanks.’