Big Idea

This is an ambitiously curated area of work led by our Associates and Young Agitators that offers the opportunity for the public to creatively engage with the intellectual ideas presented in and around plays in the season.

Hole: #TakeUpSpace

International Women’s Day 2018: Nine of the Royal Court Theatre’s young female employees announced a new series of free workshops and discussions starting in April as part of the movement, #TakeUpSpace.

This series of open and active workshops were created to empower women in the arts, champion the growth of female leadership and to interrogate the current state of creative industries in order to affect future change. The objective: for women to take up space.

Workshops included:
100 years: 100 years since some women were given the right to vote – what do we hope that the next 100 years will look like?

Play in a day: A workshop for those who’ve never written a play before, but have a story that they want to tell.

Women offstage: A workshop to showcase roles offstage for women in theatre.

Empowerment and Taking Up Space: Our Empowerment and Taking Up Space workshop is aimed at those aged 14 – 18.  This is a space to express opinion and to ask questions through a series of exercises and discussions.

Script Club: Each month, we’ll read and discuss a play that is written by a female playwright.

A networking event for Women of Colour in theatre: Are you a producer, writer, director or designer seeking collaborators or simply wish to broaden your network? We invite women of colour to come and talk with each other about their experiences and interests within the arts.

Discussion: Are quotas helpful or harmful?: Examining current models and structures that strive for diversity, inclusion and integration, and looking to a possible future.


Superhoe: Zine

Inspired by Superhoe by Nicôle Lecky, a group of young female theatre makers have curated “Good Self Keeping”, a new Zine which explores the theme of female empowerment. It includes poems, cartoons, testimonies, recipes and much more, and is designed to support young women to make empowered choices.