Young Script Panel

The Young Script Panel works in synergy with the Literary department. Our Panel is made up of 20 young people and focuses upon fostering a love for ‘the art of dramaturgy’. The weekly sessions provide a space for reflective discussion and analysis of plays, learning the skills of how to write script reports and how we provide positive, critical feedback to writers.

As part of our Young Script Panel, participants:

  • Learn about dramaturgy, and how dramaturgy is used at the Royal Court
  • Learn about script reports and the skills you need to write one
  • See lots of theatre for free at the Royal Court and different theatres across London.
  • Read a range of plays at different stages of development, and begin to have a dialogue about these plays.
  • Creatively engage with; professional writers, directors, designers and dramaturgs about how they work with and think about text

We run our Script Panel once a year. We select a variety of young people aged 18 – 25.  No previous experience of dramaturgy is necessary, just an interest in theatre and new writing.

All Young People who have successfully completed the Script Panel are invited to be a part of our Script Pool which involves attending termly script meetings, where at least one script will be actively engaged with. The play will be something that is under consideration, development or in production at the Royal Court. The conversation had as part of this meeting will be fed back in to the larger conversation in the building.