Teachers' Panel

The Teachers’ Panel is politically driven out of a desire to support theatre in schools and to find ways to counteract its demise; training teachers, influencing the use of new writing in the classroom and inspiring and encouraging progression routes in to the arts: The aim of the Teachers’ Panel will be to actively engage a select group of schools and teachers to work with over the course of one year.

  • There is an expectation to attend three Teachers’ Panel meetings per year/1 per term at the Royal Court.
  • There is the option to attend three Teachers Forums per year, which will include a theatre ticket to a selected play, plus a workshop session.
  • We offer bespoke writing/theatre residencies/workshops in schools in your school or here at Royal Court
  • We offer discounted tickets for students to attend the Royal Court.
  • All students can sign up as a member of Young Court for free and engage with our wider participation programme and access discounted tickets.
  • We offer access to be part of our ongoing lobbying for Arts Education and conversation with Exam Boards through our leadership work with the London Theatre Consortium

Our key aim is to target students who are 14 yrs + and fit some or all of the following criteria;

  • At risk of exclusion
  • High Pupil Premium
  • Behavioural needs
  • Low academic attainment such as with literacy needs
  • Low socio economic background
  • Free school meals

Applications for our 2018-19 Teachers’ Panel has now passed but will re-open in July 2019. We hope to be able to run this programme annually with a new intake of schools each time.