by Tim Crouch

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SHOOT THE WOUNDED. SAVE YOURSELVES. A re-working of Tim Crouch's production which premiered at the Royal Court in 2014. Written and directed by Tim Crouch Co-Directed by Andy Smith and Karl James In preparation for the film role of a lifetime, an actor goes to extreme lengths to dig up the truth. Her subject is the celebrated artist, Janet Adler, who rejected the art world in favour of a private life. Adler & Gibb
 tells the story of a raid – on a house, a life, an identity, a reality and a legacy. From the real to unreal, from fake to true and from theatre to film, the play takes
Tim Crouch's (I, Malvolio, An Oak Tree) fascination with form and marries it to a compelling story of misappropriation and death. "F/AdlerandGibb": "[email protected]": "": 3 – 27 Aug 2016 "Summerhall, Edinburgh": 30 Aug – 3 Sep 2016 "Unicorn Theatre, London": 13 - 17 Sept 2016 "The Lowry, Manchester": 17 - 29 Jan 2017 "Center Theatre Group, LA":


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