Food Chain

By Mick Mahoney

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Thu 19 Jun 2003
"She's normal, we're normal. Normal London people! I'm a bit shrewd and that, she's not. But we balance out - normal." Tony's doing well for himself, and his family. But what do you do when what you own is who you are? Mick Mahoney's first play for the Royal Court was SACRED HEART (RCT/NTStudio). He has also written and directed SWAGGERS (Old Red Lion - winner of Time Out Best Play Award 1996), SHIFT (NT Studio/Old Red Lion) and FANTASY BONDS (Old Red Lion). His other plays include STREET TRASH, SHARON & YASSA, RUCKER'S TOUCH (NT Studio) and UP FOR NONE (NT - winner of the Verity Bargate Award). He has also written screenplays including THE LAST RESORT. Cast: Calum Callaghan, Sid Mitchell, Paul Ritter, Linda Robson, Claire Rushbrook, Justin Salinger. Directed by Anna Mackmin Design: Ti Green, Lighting: Johanna Town, Sound: Emma Laxton. Supported by JERWOOD NEW PLAYWRIGHTS


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