I Speak for Myself: Feminism and Islam

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Humera Khan, Dr Laura Zahra McDonald (Chair), Sabrina Mahfouz and Samira Shackle debate and discuss Islamic feminism and the role of women in Islam. Humera Khan is a freelance consultant and researcher. She is a founder member of An-Nisa Society, an organisation managed by women working for the welfare of Muslim families. Through the organisation she has been involved in setting up projects such as Islamic counselling, the Supplementary Muslim School (co-coordinator), written a series of books on sexual health from an Islamic perspective called Cycle of Life. She is currently working on a three-tiered project entitled British Muslim or Wot? working with young Muslim boys and men dealing with issues to do with identity and alienation. Dr Laura Zahra McDonald is Co-Director at ConnectJustice and lectures internationally while researching, engaging and advising high-impact projects for diverse organisations including RAN Int/Ext (EU), Royal United Services Institute, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Real ActionUK, An-Nisa Society and the University of Cambridge. Laura continues to teach and engage on issues of gender and justice, with regular courses at Cambridge Muslim College and The Deen Institute. Sabrina Mahfouz is a poet and playwright and attended the Royal Court's Young Writers programme. Her solo show Dry Ice, won widespread critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2011 and has been awarded a UK Young Artists Award for poetry. She is Creative in Residence for Theatre & Poetry at The Hospital Club and is poet in residence at the Science Museum. Journalist Samira Shackle specialises in social affairs, politics, race, and south Asia. Previously a staff writer at the New Statesman, in 2012-13, she went freelance, reporting from Pakistan, covering the 2013 general election, the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, and the rise in violent extremism.


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