By Vassily Sigarev

Ladybird Top / Details
Fri 05 Mar 2004
Would you jump off the balcony for me? Could you? Dima is 19. Tomorrow he'll join the army and go to fight in Chechnya. Tonight he's trying to have a party in the flat he shares with his drunken Dad. Lera is 20 and lives in the same block. She reckons she's won a fortune if she can just scrape together 1000 roubles to buy something from Euroshop in Moscow. Outside the snow starts to fall over the abandoned cemetery. LADYBIRD Is Vassily Sigarev's third play produced by the Royal Court. His previous plays were PLASTICINE (International Playwrights Season 2002) and BLACK MILK (Focus Russia 2003). Sigarev won the 2002 Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright. Cast: Christine Bottomley, Jason Done, Burn Gorman, Anna Madeley, Daniel Mays and Kevin McMonagle.


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