Loyal Women

By Gary Mitchell

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Wed 05 Nov 2003
"God give us wisdom to know what is the right thing to do and the courage to do it if we have to" Brenda is under siege in her Belfast home. Daughter Jenny's baby is crying upstairs, her mother-in-law is sleeping in the front room and her husband is back after years away. And now the women of the Ulster Defence Association want to hold meetings there as well. LOYAL WOMEN is Gary Mitchell's third play for the Royal Court. His previous plays were TRUST (with NT Studio - winner of the Pearson Prize for Best Play) and THE FORCE OF CHANGE (winner of the 2000 George Devine Award and the Evening Standard Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright). His other work includes AS THE BEAST SLEEPS (Tricycle / Abbey Theatre, Dublin / Lyric Theatre, Belfast), MARCHING ON (7:84 / Lyric Theatre, Belfast) and IN A LITTLE WORLD OF OUR OWN (Donmar / Abbey Theatre, Dublin / Lyric Theatre, Belfast Winner of Best Play 1997 and Belfast Arts Award). 'Gary Mitchell's valuable new play hooks you with stealth and cunning and then holds you in a delayed suspense as it rushes towards its denouement.' Evening Standard [THE FORCE OF CHANGE] 'Utterly compelling' Independent on Sunday [THE FORCE OF CHANGE] 'Gary Mitchell's powerful, disturbing, new play.' Financial Times [TRUST] Design: Christopher Oram, Lighting: David Plater, Sound: Ian Dickinson. Cast: Clare Cathcart, Julia Dearden, Michelle Fairley, Lisa Hogg, Sinead Keenan, Cara Kelly, Stephen Kennedy, Valerie Lilley and Mark McCrory.


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