Playing the Victim

By The Presnyakov Brothers

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Mon 01 Sep 2003
"I'm not stupid. I understood a long time ago that in order to avoid doing something, you have to do something else. If you want to avoid something nasty, you have to do something you don't like either, but it helps you avoid something worse." A young man drops out of University and goes to the Police. He's done nothing wrong, he just wants a job. A particular job. Playing the victim in murder reconstructions. Maybe by getting close to death he can manage to cheat his own. PLAYING THE VICTIM is the second play by the Presnyakov Brothers to be produced in the UK. The first was TERRORISM at the Royal Court in March 2003. This co-production of PLAYING THE VICTIM premieres at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then tours nationally. The Presnyakov Brothers are connected with the New Writing project in Russia inspired by the Royal Court and the British Council. rv. A deft and brilliant piece rn. The Guardian ( TERRORISM by the Presnyakov Brothers) rv. Theatre about as inventive, imaginative and fantastical as it gets rn. Time Out ( Told by an Idiot ) rv. 90 minutes of pure pleasure, a deeply eccentric and beguiling show rn. The Daily Telegraph ( Told by an Idiot, A LITTLE FANTASY ) Directed by Richard Wilson Translated by Sasha Dugdale Design: Nicolai Hart Hansen, Lighting: Colin Grenfell, Sound: Ian Dickinson. Cast: Hayley Carmichael, Michael Glenn Murphy, Paul Hunter, Amanda Lawrence, Ferdy Roberts, Andrew Scott. Visit the "Told by an Idiot": website


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