Open Court: Climate Emergency

Reclaiming Our Future: Civic Space

Curated by Royal Court Theatre’s Black, Brown & East Asian Staff Members

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Thu 19 Mar 2020

How can we collectively work towards achieving climate justice, whilst acknowledging migrant and racial justice? How can we collectively re-imagine the worlds we’d like to exist in?

The climate crisis movement is not always inclusive, especially in terms of whose voices have the privilege to be prioritised. This event is a civic space for people who are marginalised due to their race in the UK (i.e. – Black, South Asian, East Asian, Arab, Latinx and Middle Eastern), to come together for unfiltered discussion, reflection and interrogation.

The evening’s open discussion will be facilitated by two grassroots collectives, Wretched of the Earth and Diaspora Dialogues for the Future, who are at the forefront of decolonising the climate change movement.

Wretched of The Earth is a grassroots collective for Indigenous, black, brown and diaspora groups and individuals demanding climate justice and acting in solidarity with our communities, both here in the UK and in the Global South.

Diaspora Dialogues for the Future recognises how systemic forces of colonialism have created the symptoms of climate change and they recognise the on-going oppression within our system, on lands, narratives and solutions. They are open up a dialogues for those whose voices and perspectives are marginalised in discussions in a PoC centered space, building our community of care. They talk about what has happened/ is happening in the past/present; share any lessons to apply forward and use their radical imaginations for the future in a cross-cultural dialogue.

Reclaiming Our Future: Civic Space will provide a safe space for people who are marginalised due to their race in the UK, to interrogate the link between climate change and its colonial history, as well as its continued structural attacks on particular communities. This will do so by readdressing the white supremacist power imbalance and shifting who has the privilege to have their voice heard when discussing the climate crisis.

This event is organised by Milli Bhatia, Charlotte Cole, Tanya Follett, Myah Jeffers, Daniel Kok and Nkhanise Phiri.

For those who do not sit with within these modes of identity, we respectfully ask that you do not attend this event to ensure this space is uncensored, productive and safe without the burden of explaining our grief or experiences.

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

7pm – 8.30 pm

Free but ticketed


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