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Curated by The Department of Feminist Conversations

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Sat 18 May - Sat 22 Jun / £5 Book Now

the relay is a durational conversation between feminists with different points of view, presented through one-to-one interviews and provocations.

the relay is led by Diana Damian Martin and Mary Paterson for The Department of Feminist Conversations. Each daylong event starts with an invited guest, who then invites someone else, who invites someone else, and so on. Each guest chooses a speaker they’d like to talk to, but would not otherwise be able to – creating a chain of unexpected conversations and new opinions.

Over the two events the Department of Feminist Conversations will host fifteen speakers, ten provocations and you, the audience. The conversations could go anywhere, and we need you to help shape them.

The Department of Feminist Conversations is a collaboration (Diana Damian Martin, Mary Paterson and Maddy Costa) that has been working together since 2016 to explore feminist modes of exchange. We use art as a tool to explore politics, and politics as a tool to interrogate the communities of art. Find out more about the collective here.


Multiple Venues

Tickets: £5 per session (Each session is a morning or afternoon)

There is a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

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Sat 18 May 11.00am

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

£5 Book Now

Sat 18 May 2.00pm

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

£5 Book Now

Sat 22 Jun 11.00am

Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

£5 Book Now

Sat 22 Jun 3.00pm

The Site, Royal Court Theatre