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Saturday 15 November 11am - 12:30pm Psychological Responses to Climate Change Hosted by Paul Hoggett, Chairman of Climate Psychology Alliance from the University of West of England. An interactive workshop to help audiences come to terms with psychological responses to Climate Change exploring the guilt and ambivalence we feel, and the dilemmas we face around the subject. 1pm - 2:30pm Transition Town: the power of just doing stuff! Hosted by Sarah McAdam, Transition Network and Hilary Jennings, co-founder of Transition Town Tooting. A transition town is a grassroot community project that seeks to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction and economic instability. Hear more about the spread of the Transition movement internationally, gain inspiration from the action communities are taking to help create a low carbon, socially-just, healthier and happier future and explore how you might get things started in your neighbourhood. 3:15pm - 16:45pm AFRORETRO - Upcycling Clothes Workshop UpCycling, is it just a fad or could it be a way of life? Let team AFRORETRO show you just how easy it is to breathe new life into your old, unwanted stuff. In this workshop with the help of AFRORETRO; upgrade an old unwanted t-shirt into a one-of-kind, statement infinity scarf. All materials will be provided but in the spirit of UpCycling please bring a t-shirt, the larger the better. Sewing skills not necessary however imagination and curiosity a must. 5:15pm - 6:45pm We're on a road to nowhere. Hosted by Caralampo Focas, from Oxford University. Caralampo Focas is an experienced researcher with an established international reputation. For over 25 years he has been writing, consulting and researching into transport, consumer and quality of life themes, expanding the research horizons in methodological, social, economic, comparative and policy issues.


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