20 quotes celebrating 20 years of Jerwoods New Playwrights Programme

Published on Mon 15 Sep 2014
2014 is the 20th anniversary of our Jerwood New Playwrights Programme - a programme which supports the production of new works by emerging writers.

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20 years of our Jerwood New Playwrights Programme

2014 is the 20th anniversary of our Jerwood New Playwrights Programme – a programme which supports the production of new works by emerging writers.

The Jerwood New Playwrights programme funded by Jerwood Charitable Foundation helps the Royal Court discover and support the next generation of world class playwrights. Starting with Joe Penhall’s play Some Voices in 1994, the programme has supported 60 writers and 77 plays in this time, producing a series of new plays each year by emerging writers all of whom were in the first 10 years of their career.

From the 15 of September 2014, we will be celebrating this anniversary by remembering 20 plays which were staged as part of #Jerwood20. We will be tweeting a quote a day, for the next 20 days, one for each year of its history.

1994 – “He has to be with me the whole time or something. He goes mad if he’s not with me. I go mad if he is.” Some voices, Joe Penhall

1995 – “No God. No Father Christmas. No fairies. No Narnia. No fucking nothing.” Blasted, Sarah Kane

1996 – “I have a dream sometimes there of you, dressed all nice and white, in your coffin.” The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Martin McDonagh

1997 – “All my family love each other. Bradford, Pakistan. All same, nobody different.” East is East, Ayub Khan Din

1998 “And the future was all ahead of me. Years and years of it. I could feel it coming.” The Weir, Conor McPherson

1999 – “I spend all week looking forward to the weekend and then when the weekend comes I realise I work weekends.” Toast, Richard Bean

2000 – “At 4.48 when desperation visits I shall hang myself to the sound of my lover’s breathing” 4.48 Psychosis, Sarah Kane

2001 – “Choose one, choose any gal for me and I got twenty quid in my pocket that says I’ll score.” Clubland, Roy Williams

2002 – “The pit’s dug. We’ll put him in it. And then we’ll wake her. Cover him.” Outlying Islands, David Greig

2003 – “I’m the same person I was when they locked me up. If they think that’s bad they’ll just have to keep me here” Iron, Rona Munro

2004 – “Don’t worry about yer father&me I said. Up to me eyes wi’th bloody turkey as it is. One year won’t hurt.” Lucky Dog, Leo Butler

2005 – “Best fucking thing in the world, mate. Money.” On Tour, Gregory Burke

2006 – “I don’t blame the war. The war was alright. I miss it. It’s just you come back to this.” Motortown, Simon Stephens

2007 – “you left me here all by myself. So I did what I thought you should have done. Taken care of her.” That Face, Polly Stenham

2008 – “I ain’t looking for no trouble. All I’m saying is, if it comes I’m ready!” Gone Too Far, Bola Agbaje

2009 – “Look at all our lonely, hopeful hearts! Sitting here. Staring out! Hoping for something to happen.” The Author, Tim Crouch

2010 – “You pre-teen stupid idiot. Think this is so romantic? You’re fucking with my life you bitch’ Spur of the Moment, Anya Reiss

2011 – “One lady owner. Hardly ever been ridden. And it’s good exercise.” The Village Bike , Penelope Skinner

2012 – “In the quantum multiverse, every choice, every decision you’ve ever and never made exists” Constellations, Nick Payne

2013 – “I’m not your friend, your guide. Your fam, homie, bredrin, teacher, carer, Imam… anything. Got that?” Routes, Rachel De-lahay

2014 – “We discuss the violent overthrow of the government. Also, there’s flower
arranging.” The Wolf From the Door, Rory Mullarkey

Here is a full list of the writers and their productions that have been supported by Jerwood New Playwrights from 1994-2014:
Joe Penhall (SOME VOICES), Nick Grosso (PEACHES, REAL CLASSY AFFAIR), Judy Upton (ASHES AND SAND), Sarah Kane (BLASTED, CLEANSED, 4.48 PSYCHOSIS), Michael Wynne (THE KNOCKY, THE PEOPLE ARE FRIENDLY), Judith Johnson (UGANDA), Sebastian Barry THE STEWARD OF CHRISTENDOM), Jez Butterworth (MOJO), Mark Ravenhill (SHOPPING AND FUCKING), Ayub Khan Din (EAST IS EAST, NOTES ON FALLING LEAVES), Martin McDonagh (THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE), Jess Walters (COCKROACH, WHO?), Tamantha Hammerschlag (BACKPAY), Conor McPherson (THE WEIR), Meredith Oakes (FAITH), Rebecca Prichard (FAIR GAME), Roy Williams (LIFT OFF, CLUBLAND, FALLOUT), Richard Bean (TOAST, UNDER THE WHALEBACK), Gary Mitchell (TRUST, THE FORCE OF CHANGE), Mick Mahoney (SACRED HEART, FOOD CHAIN), Marina Carr (ON RAFTERY’S HILL), David Eldridge (UNDER THE BLUE SKY, INCOMPLETE AND RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS), David Harrower (PRESENCE), Simon Stephens (HERONS, COUNTRY MUSIC, MOTORTOWN), Leo Butler (REDUNDANT, LUCKY DOG), Enda Walsh (BEDBOUND), David Greig (OUTLYING ISLANDS), Zinnie Harris (NIGHTINGALE AND CHASE), Grae Cleugh (FUCKING GAMES), Rona Munro (IRON), Ché Walker (FLESHWOUND), Laura Wade (BREATHING CORPSES, CATCH), debbie tucker green (STONING MARY), Gregory Burke (ON TOUR), Stella Feehily (O GO MY MAN, CATCH), Simon Faquhar (RAINBOW KISS), April De Angelis (CATCH), Tanika Gupta (CATCH), Chloe Moss (CATCH), Polly Stenham (THAT FACE, TUSK TUSK), Mike Bartlett (MY CHILD), Fiona Evans (SCARBOROUGH), Levi David Addai (OXFORD STREET), Bola Agbaje (GONE TOO FAR!, OFF THE ENDZ), Alexi Kaye Campbell (THE PRIDE), Alia Bano (SHADES), Tim Crouch (THE AUTHOR), DC Moore (THE EMPIRE), Anya Reiss (SPUR OF THE MOMENT, THE ACID TEST), Penelope Skinner (THE VILLAGE BIKE), Rachel De-lahay (THE WESTBRIDGE, ROUTES), Nick Payne (CONSTELLATIONS), Vivienne Franzmann (THE WITNESS, PESTS), E.V. Crowe (HERO), Anders Lustgarten (IF YOU DON’T LET US DREAM, WE WON’T LET YOU SLEEP), Suhayla El-Bushra (PIGEONS), Clare Lizzimore (MINT), Alistair McDowall (TALK SHOW), Rory Mullarkey (THE WOLF FROM THE DOOR) and Molly Davies (GOD BLESS THE CHILD).