Rest To Protest

Who do you rest for?
Who is being allowed to rest?
When did you last feel rested?

Rest To Protest looks to sleep as a political act of resistance for ourselves, and the people that we love.

“We are the children that have been gifted rest from those without it. These are our stories.”

Rest To Protest is an online collection of art and stories which began here on Saturday 1 August at 12 midnight and will last for five days.

Each day will bring a new experience of rest.

Stories will be awake during certain hours of the day, giving you an opportunity to absorb them in your own time. They will stay awake for around an hour at a time. Whilst the stories are awake, you can access them as many times as you wish.

Stories will be shared:

The stories will go to sleep for periods of time to encourage personal rest and reflection.

Transcripts of the audio will be available to increase access to the stories.

Rest To Protest are a group of emerging artists exploring how individuals can truly ‘rest’ in a world obsessed with productivity. This is their opportunity to give breathing space and time to the people who have given it to them. They reject talking at each other and instead give time to truly listen to these voices.

The company are Harriet Beynon, Mahesh Parkar, Jonny Khan, Beth Fisher, Perpetua Png and Louise Valente.

Twitter: @resttoprotest
Instagram: @resttoprotest