Aleksey is the author of 11 plays.

THEATRE INCLUDES: Halt (Slonim Drama Theatre, Belarus/Sakvoyah Theatre, Kiev/The Mikhail Chekhov Russian Drama Theatre, Riga/New Riga Theatre); Colonel Pilate (Dailes Theatre, Riga).

Several of his plays have been presented at the Ljubimovka Drama Festival in Moscow, the Omsk International Drama Lab and the Prem’yera.txt festival.  Aleksey represented the Baltic States in the Eurepica (New European Epic Challenge) project at the Belarus Free Theatre and Manteatern, Lund, Sweden in 2009 with his play The Details of the Letter.

AWARDS INCLUDE: The Grand Prize in the Belarus Free Theatre’s International Contemporary Drama Competition for Halt, the Belarusian prize for, “Honour, Duty and Virtue” for Colonel Pilate, the International Drama Competition at Badenweiler, Germany for Mister, the Russia-based Eurasia international drama competition for Colonel Pilate and the Strana screenplay competition for Halt and White Cloak.

A number of his plays have been published in the Russian journal, Modern Drama, as well as other Russian and Belarussian play collections.   He took part in the Royal Court Theatre’s Moscow workshops in 2008 – 2009, where he developed Remembrance Day.