Sonic thinker, composer, and sound artist, Bruce Odland is known for large scale, public space sound
installations which transform city noise into harmony, real-time. In 2004 he and Sam Auinger (O+A) altered
the harmonic mix of the World Financial Center Plaza using the moon, tides, harmonic tuning tubes, and
cement loudspeakers (Blue Moon). In 2007 O+A performed Requiem for Fossil Fuels with four singers in New
York City. He is pleased to be again working with Wally Shawn and Andre Gregory with whom he also
worked on Designated Mourner. His many collaborations in theatre, radio, film, and art include work with
Laurie Anderson, Peter Sellars, Joanne Akailitis, Robert Woodruff,Tony Oursler, Peter Erskine and the
Wooster Group. His Sounds from the Vaults, a playable orchestra of virtual instruments for the Field Museum
in Chicago, won the Gold Muse Award from the Association of American Museums. Most recently he
created Harmony in the Age of Noise, a sonic observation post at Tufts University for the study of the sounds
of culture. He is currently musical director of the Wooster Group’s La Didone.