Gianina Carbunariu

Gianina is a director and a playwright. She is one of
the directors for dramAcum project, which
specialises in contemporary drama in Romania.
Kebab has been staged in Munich Kammerspiele
Theater, Schaubuhne in Berlin, and Theater Studio
d’Alfortville in Paris. Kebab has also been translated
into Russian, Italian, Greek, Polish, Czech and
Slovak.The first production of Kebab, performed
under the title, was staged in Foarte
Mic Theatre in Bucharest directed by Gianina.
It went on to participate in festivals in France,
Slovakia, Germany, Russia and Poland.
Other plays include: Stop the Tempo (Germany/
France/Ireland); DJ Pirat (France); All These Guys
Look like Our Parents (Tristan Bates); Unrealities
from the Immediate Wild East.