Mike Brookes

As Lighting designer, theatre includes: Slope, An Argument About Sex, Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner, The Salon Project (Untitled Projects); Eat Eat, Geneva, White Trash, Rantsoen, Butterfly, Grace, Susan & Darren, Old People Children & Animals, Make-Believe, Entitled, Summer Autumn Winter Spring (Quarantine).

Live & Public Arts Projects include: What if everything we know is wrong?, Introduced Birdsong, The Perfect Human (and the things we do), 300 People & A Bear, Something Burning, Some Things Happen All At Once, Carrying Lyn/Carrying Rubén, Just A little bit Of History Repeating, Grey line.

Awards include: Critic’s Awards for Theatre in Scotland for Best Design, with Stewart Laing & others (Confessions of a Justified Sinner); TMA / UK Theatre Award for Best Design (The Persians); Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award.

Mike Brookes is an award-winning artist, director and designer whose live and public art works have been widely commissioned and presented internationally. Mike co-founded the performance collective Pearson/Brookes in 1997, where he most recently co-created The Persians (National Theatre Wales), Coriolan/us (NTW and RSC for London 2012) and ILIAD (NTW).