Milli Bhatia

As director, for the Royal Court: Living Newspaper, seven methods of killing kylie jenner, My White Best Friend (and Other Letters Left Unsaid), This Liquid Earth: A Eulogy in Verse [Edinburgh International Festival], Half Full (&RWCMD), Dismantle This Room. 

As assistant director, for the Royal Court: Inside Bitch (& Clean Break), Poet in da Corner, One For Sorrow, Instructions for Correct Assembly, Girls & Boys.

As director, other theatre includes: Dismantle This Room, The Hijabi Monologues (Bush), My White Best Friend (and Other Letters Left Unsaid) (Bunker), Empower House (Theatre Royal, Stratford East).

As director, film includes: HOME(BODY) or The Tall Story (Young Vic), Yash Gill’s Power Half Hour, Tiny Dancers (NYT).

As director, audio includes: Ghosts In The Blood (Audible).

Milli is a Literary Associate at the Royal Court.