Milli Bhatia

As director, for the Royal Court: Dismantle This Room, Shine (Young Court).

As assistant director, for the Royal Court: Inside Bitch (& Clean Break), Poet in da Corner, One For Sorrow, Instructions for Correct Assembly, Girls & Boys.

As director, other theatre includes: Dismantle This Room, The Hijabi Monologues, My White Best Friend/This Bitter Earth [part of Black Lives Black Words] (Bush); My White Best Friend [and other letters left unsaid] (Bunker), I Have AIDS [Jerwood Assistant Director Programme] (Young Vic); Rats (Duffield Studio, National); Three Wheels On the Wagon (Birmingham Rep); EmpowerHouse (Theatre Royal, Stratford East); No Cowboys Only Indians (Courtyard). 

As associate director, other theatre includes: What if Women Ruled the World? (Manchester International Festival).

As assistant director, other theatre includes: Lions & Tigers (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse); Cell Mates, Filthy Business, Luna Gale (Hampstead); The Quiet House (& Park), The Government Inspector (& tour), What Shadows (Birmingham Rep).

Milli was previously Trainee Director at the Royal Court and is now a Literary Associate. She is Co-Artistic director of DISMANTLE.