Mohammad Yaghoubi

Mohammad Yaghoubi was born in 1967 in Langaroud, a town on the Caspian Sea. While pursuing studies in judicial law, he joined a university theatre company in 1988. The following year, he wrote his first play and took his first steps on stage. Less captivated by the limelight than passionate about writing, he nevertheless decided to take training as an actor in the school run by Hamid Samandarian, a veteran of drama in Iran.

After several theatrical experiences in the basements of private houses, his first production was officially presented in 1997 to the public at the City Theater in Tehran. He then began to publish and mount his first plays. Despite the setbacks encountered with the censorship of the Ministry of Culture, which Mohammad Yaghoubi readily criticizes publicly, his name is today one of the most influential author-directors of his generation.

Works include: Where were you winter 1988?, The dance of the pieces of paper, Goodbye, Heart of a dog, From the darkness, Red and the others, The geraniums, The only possible way, Berlin, Write in the dark, Drought and lies, Crows and men.