Muaz Al Jubeh

Theatre includes: Taha (Young Vic); Azza (Shiberhur Theatre Company, Palestine); Where Can I Find Someone like You, Ali? (International tour); Racheman (Tokyo Art International Festival), Smile – You are Palestinian, Alive from Palestine – Stories Under Occupation (& International tour), Al-Zeir Salem (Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque).

Dance includes: Against a Hard Surface (Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre), 100% Water (Nawal Iskandarani), Sahet Elward, At the Checkpoint (Sareyyet Ramallah).

Live music shows include: Mina (Terez Sliman), Hajess (Sanaa Moussa), Asfar (Trio Jubran).

Muaz is a Jerusalem-based Palestinian lighting designer who has toured productions nationally and internationally since 1995. He was the technical director for Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque for almost 20 years and has been the technical director for the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival since its founding in 2006.