Naomi Lundie-Smith

Naomi is 16 and spends their time humming songs outside their head in hopes that the people around will remember the names of them. Naomi’s been a member of RAW Academy for about 10 years, and always liked drama but had never really written anything. It wasn’t until Naomi rocked up to RAW Academy one week, as always running late, and saw two new people in the hall. Those two new people were Romana Flello and Emma Dennis-Edwards and they were about to show a new perspective of performing: the ability to not be on the stage but to be the one sitting writing the stories. Naomi wrote a really sad monologue about a sandcastle and was told it wasn’t half bad and somehow ended up at a writers’ group every Wednesday for almost a year of their life. Now I know it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but they thought: Naomi the dyslexic playwright, I quite like the sound of that.