Pavel Pryazhko

Pavel Pryazhko was born in 1975 in Minsk, Belarus. He began writing plays in 2004. HIs plays have been translated into Polish, German, English, French and Finnish and staged in theatres in Poland, France, Germany, the Baltics, Belarus and the UK.

He’s a long term participant in the Russian Novaya Drama [New Writing] movement and its associated Russian and international festivals.

He’s won numerous prizes including: the Jury Prize at the International Playwright Competition ‘Evrasia-2004’ for his play ’Serpantin’; the main prize in the Svobodny Teatr [Free Theatre] competition in 2007 for his play ‘Panties’; a Golden Mask Award (2012) for his play ‘Zlaya Devuskka’ [Wicked Girl] and in (2013) for ’Three Days in Hell’ and best dramaturgy category for ’Neighbour’ (produced by Teatr Post, St Petersburg).