Sara Pinedo

Sara Pinedo trained in Theatre and Performing Arts at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (National University of the Arts), Argentina. She is a communicologist, playwright, theatre-maker, manager, feminist, artivist and scavenger, who practices community, collectivism, drifting and critical art. Her plays and prose have been published by Paso de Gato, Teatro Sin Paredes, Tramoya, El Punto Teatro, the Universidad Iberoamericana de León (Ibero-American University of León) and the Instituto Cultural de León (León Cultural Institute). She has worked as a playwright, director and researcher throughout Mexico and overseas, in countries including Spain, the UK, Colombia and Germany, and has facilitated workshops and laboratories in devising, playwriting and community theatre. She is a member of Un Collectivo (One Collective) and of the Colectivo de Arte Comunitario Lxs de Abajo (The Ones from Below Community Art Collective). She is a participant in the Royal Court/Anglo Arts international playwriting programme at the UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico), and in the Mexico SNCA (National System for Creative Artists) with the project Trilología del simulacro (Simulation Trilogy).