Susan Vidler

Susan’s previous work with the National Theatre of Scotland include Let The Right One InKnives in Hens and Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us. Other theatre work include Trainspotting at the Bush Theatre/Citizens Theatre/Traverse Theatre; Sabina, The Present at the Bush Theatre; The Lover with Stellar Quines; A Slow Air with Tricycle Theatre/59 East 59 Theater; Pressure Drop with On Theatre Company; Roaring Trade at Soho Theatre/Paines Plough; Petrol Jesus Nightmare at the Traverse Theatre/Kosovo Festival; Ju Ju Girl at the Traverse Theatre; A Thousand Yards at the Southwark Playhouse; Heartless at the ICA London; and A Better Day at Stratford East.

Television work includes Line of Duty, The Coroner, Shetland, Dr Who, Casualty, The Adventures of Daniel, England Expects, Terry McIntyre, The Woman in White, Macbeth on the Estate, Stone Cold, Flowers of the Forest, Dark Adapted Eye for the BBC; Suspects for Freemantlemedia/Channel 5; Hustle for Kudos Productions; Stacked for Broken Spectre/Channel 4; Rebus for SMG Productions; The Last Detective, Cracker for Granada; Impact for Company Television; Love in the Twenty First Century for Red Productions; The Jump for Warner Sister; and Kavanagh QC for Carlton.

Film work includes Trainspotting for Figment Films; Naked for Thin Man Films; Alone for CFI; The Present for Fenix/Playground; Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself for Zentropa Productions; Poppies; Voice from Afar for Troicka Ltd; Fallout for Company Pictures; A House in Berlin for Heartbeatt Pictures; and Gentlemen and Gangster for St Paul Films.

Short films include Volume for NFTS; The Passport for B&L Media; That Old One for Ideal World Productions; Californian Sunshine for Sigma Film/Channel 4; Memory Man for RDF Television; Clueless for Curious Pictures; andInsomnia for Blue Orange.