Adler & Gibb Rehearsal Room Q&A

For the past few weeks the cast and company of Adler & Gibb have been hard at work rehearsing here at the Royal Court Theatre. It’s all very busy and exciting at the minute, but writer/director Tim Crouch kindly took a couple of minutes out to answer a quick Q&A about the show (warning: contains giant plastic lobsters.)

How are rehearsals going?
Today I paid Denise Gough one pound for a particularly amusing coffee break anecdote.

What’s the atmosphere like?
We finished early as we were all getting hysterical and my brain was hurting. I hope this is a good sign.

What’s planned for this week?
This week we are starting to work a bit with the children – and with a large plastic lobster.

How would you describe this play?
I love the story it tells and I’m intrigued to find out if the form will earn its keep.

How will you feel on opening night?
I have banned the phrase ‘press night’ from the rehearsal room.

How will audiences feel after seeing the play?
If I could answer that question now I would be a terrible artist.

What do you want audiences to take from the play?
Their personal belongings – coats, bags, etc.

Who do you most admire as an artist?
Any child.

What’s drives you as an artist?
The joy of creating something new.

Proudest moment?
I caught a couple of fish at the weekend.

Adler & Gibb will run in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs 13 June – 5 July. Click here for more information and booking.

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