What I’ve been thinking by E V Crowe

Since our initial workshop, I’ve been thinking more about consciousness as being on a sliding scale rather just ‘asleep’ or ‘awake’. I am increasingly interested in using automatic writing techniques to capture my dreams on the page when I’ve had them and then to later try to reenter that loose state of expression without too much reflection or consideration in order to expand a little, a sort of stream of semi consciousness. There is something addictive about not self editing and not being in control of the material. It is risky but exciting to go from judging every single word on the page, to allowing myself to have no judgement and to try to be generous and to accept every word as if it’s a gift from the unknown. Dreams are so easy to reject as bad stories, but to give them status opens an exciting door into an innate uncontrolled version of storytelling that can’t be censored by judgement or taste.

The Unknown by E V Crowe runs 8-10 Jun. Part of The Site, a temporary theatre space at the Royal Court curated by Chloe LamfordClick here to find out more.