LOVE LOVE LOVE first week of rehearsal

Aaaaand Love, Love, Love has hit the ground running. Very exciting: it’s Friday of the first week and the (exceptionally talented) company have already stumbled through the first Act. During the first few days we worked through the text in fine detail, breaking it down into sections and events. James has a great collection of books we’ve been dipping into as well enjoying ‘top 10 movies of 1967’ and other fun facts I found whilst doing research. (e.g Cannabis was made illegal in 1928, the most popular book in 1990 was ‘Jurassic Park’ and the average UK house price has increased by 273% since 1959!

The company shared their own memories or imaginings of the ’60s with all its extraordinary colours, sounds, tastes and feelings. Discussions about familial relationships followed; stories of brothers, parents and children became intermingled with historical facts as we explored the next two Acts. Personally, I spent a large (possibly unhealthy) portion of the time silently psychoanalysing my own family..

In the rehearsal room, pictures of the ’60s and the (somewhat bleaker) ’90s cover one wall, an eclectic Beatles-and-co soundtrack greets us each morning and although the space slightly resembles (and occasionally feels like) a small greenhouse, everyone is in great spirits. Onto Act 2 and the next week…

By Caitlin McLeod