Minefield: Meet the Veterans

With a history of creating work that combines real lives and stories with fiction and performance, Argentinian writer and director Lola Arias brings together British and Argentinian veterans of the Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas war on a stage 8,000 miles from their remembered battlefield.

The war of 1982, in which Argentina tried to regain control of the islands, had an enormous political impact: for Argentina it was a defeat that propelled the fall of the military regime; for England it was a triumph that saved the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. And for the islanders it was the way to obtain full British citizenship and a new constitution.

But what happened to the soldiers? Some of them got medals, and some were forgotten. Some of them continue in the forces and others started new lives as psychologists, musicians, teachers, security guards. Today the only thing they have in common is that they are veterans. But, what is a veteran: a survivor, a hero, a madman? The project confronts different visions of the war, bringing old enemies together to tell the many sides of the one story.

Lou Armour was the front page of every newspaper when the Argentinians took him prisoner on the 2nd April, now he is a teacher for children with learning difficulties.

Ruben Otero survived the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano, now he has a Beatles tribute band.

David Jackson spent the war listening and transcribing radio codes, now he listens to other veterans in his role as a counsellor.

Gabriel Sagastume was a soldier who never wanted to shoot a gun, now he is a criminal lawyer.

Sukrim Rai was a Gurkha and expert with his knife, now he works as a security guard.

Marcelo Vallejo was a mortar direction controller, now he is a triathlon champion.

On a film set turned time machine, the veterans are teleported into the past to reconstruct their memories of the war and their lives after.

Hear their stories at The Royal Court in Lola Arias’ MINEFIELD

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