ME & ROBIN HOOD: poems by Shôn Dale-Jones

Robin Hood was fast becoming a role model
Influencing the young – the next generation
“We can’t have a nation of Robin Hoods” said The Sheriff
“There’ll be no rich people left to rob”

Robbing the rich to feed the poor was really starting work for Robin
Other people were starting to catch on
His reputation was marching on ahead of him
Without the use of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

At his book signing
Robin Hood said he wasn’t concerned about fame
He said that was other people’s business
He said his business was clear
“Robbing and giving”
“Very altruistic of you Robin”, shouted a journalist
“No idea what that means,” replied Robin Hood, picking up his bow and arrow

Robin Hood’s horse wasn’t well
Not well enough to go robbing
Robin wondered if he could go robbing without his horse
Everyone advised him not to
So, he took the day off

Robin Hood’s distribution system needed attention
Little John was sure there was a more efficient model of giving

Robin Hood was making a gift for Maid Marion out of leaves and bark
It was a pretty constellation
Friar Tuck had encouraged him to be more creative in his time off

Robin Hood decided to grow his beard
Will Scarlet was afraid it could get in the way of his archery
Robin told him not to worry – that if it got too long, he’d tie it back
Will Scarlet worried about what that would look like


ME & ROBIN HOOD is at the Royal Court 4 – 16 Sep.

Tickets and info here.