Final Moments of Caretaker by Hester Chillingworth Live Streamed in the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs Today at 5pm

Published on Thu 15 Oct 2020

Hester Chillingworth’s (pronouns: they/them) durational installation Caretaker, which has been live-streamed continuously in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs since May, will sign off today, Thursday 15 October 2020, with the final moments starting at 5pm.

The public have been able to virtually visit Caretaker since Friday 8 May 2020, making it the Royal Court Theatre’s longest running show! With over 12000 views audiences watched internationally from countries including Japan, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Over the last six months, Hester has written the text for Caretaker almost daily, at times responding to world news, and at others responding to how people are feeling during one of the most challenging periods for global mental health.

Alongside a livestream of the Royal Court’s uninhabited stage, Caretaker intermittently broadcasted witty, playful and supportive audio messages; more often, there was silence.

Commenting on the final moments Hester Chillingworth said;

Having been through these last 6 months with Caretaker, and still being in a place of uncertainty, there are some things I would like the piece to reflect on and to offer out, going forward. So the last moment will be a micro piece of its own. Instead of an ending, this is the handing over of a baton, the end of a long shift, as life begins to stir in the Royal Court in preparation for Living Newspaper which is shortly to be occupying the building. I think in a time when isolation has been widespread, and we are almost always at a distance from each other, a moment when you can turn up, virtually, and know that others are doing the same (even if you can’t see them) is important. It’s a moment of community and of joint witness. And I think the thing that really pushes the vital questions of ethics, agency and accountability in live work, is realising that that’s what audiences truly are – witnesses.

Join Caretaker at 5pm tomorrow, or log on via the website any time day or night until then.

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