International Writers' Groups

Long term writers groups form a key part of our International work at the Royal Court. These workshop programmes support emerging playwrights to develop innovative, original and exciting new plays within their own theatre tradition. They create a context for in-depth cultural exchange between UK-based artists and artists and organisations elsewhere in the world, and offer a pathway for the theatre to develop relationships with artists that may lead to future production. Groups usually meet for a number of residential workshops in the writers’ home country or region and support each artist in the writing and re-drafting of a new piece of work across the span of the programme. These groups are facilitated by playwrights we are currently working with (both those based in the UK and internationally). Projects are bespoke to the theatre culture, context and writers with whom we are working and are run in close partnership with institutions, theatre companies and organizations working around the world. Over the past twenty years, the Royal Court has run projects with artists from a range of countries including Argentina, Chile, China, India, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Russia and Zimbabwe.

We are always open to conversations about potential partnerships or new contexts in which to work. Please contact