Léonie Casthel

International Residency 2019 -Leonie Casthel

Léonie Casthel is a writer from France. She began taking acting classes at the age of 4. Meanwhile, as  soon as she was able to hold a pen, she started writing tales, comics, fake evidences of the existence of microscopic wolf-headed aliens, poetry, then short stories, scenarios, and finally plays. In September 2014, she began a Master in dramaturgic writing at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre (ENSATT) and graduated in 2018. Through her plays Fugue en L Mineure (staged by Chloé Simoneau in 2014 at Théâtre 13 andat Théâtre de Belleville, Paris), Adelphes – nous étions mutants (prix InédiThéâtre 2014 and published by Lansman Éditeur), MilénaQuartette internet and Quintette internet (played by high school students at the CDN Le Préau, at the Festival Ctrl-J and at the Lycée Belmont in 2015), Traverse (staged in a farm in Normandy by the collective team of artists La Maison Brûle in 2016), Étape (in Désaffectés, staged by Catherine Hargreaves at ENSATT and at Théâtre de Die in 2017) and Les antennes et les branches (part of her end of studies memoir about being an autistic artist), she explores questions such as identity, differences, gender, neurodiversity, social justice, trying to invent other visions and other ways of life.