Open Day screen reader map


As you enter the theatre via the step-free easy-open doors on the right-hand side of the building, the lift is located to the right of these doors. This is the Lower Ground level. The lift is fitted with a voice commentary and takes you to all levels of the building.

If you will be taking the stairs, in front of you to the left is a staircase leading downstairs and to the right is a shorter set of steps leading up to the Box Office foyer.

Our stairs have handrails with raised tactile aids to indicate which level you are approaching. Handrails are made from metal and leather to indicate different sides of each staircase.

As you enter the building via the main entrance doors from the street level, there are four steps up to these glass main entrance doors. This is the Ground Level of the building.

The Circle level accessible toilet can be found to the right of the Box Office desk through an open doorway and is situated to the right of the main Front of House staircase.

If you have taken the lift up to the Ground Level the toilet is directly in front when you exit the lift.

From the foyer there are three staircases which lead to all Front of House areas:



At the front of the foyer on the right-hand side, there is a U-shaped staircase leading downwards. The first flight of 4 steps leads you to a landing from which you can exit or enter the building on the Lower Ground floor through stair-free, easy-open doors.

Our main entrance is located at the front of the building where 4 steps lead to glass doors, taking you into the Box Office foyer.

At the box office you are able to book tickets to performances and backstage tours, ask about seat structures, listen to several pre-show audio described notes and feel braille cast sheets for the a Royal Court production.



The Circle entrance doors to the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs are situated at either side of the foyer, directly behind the Box Office ticket desk.

Inside the auditorium on this level are 5 rows of comfortable leather seats which you are welcome to try out/sit in. Four of the rows are accessed by at least 2 steps either up or down, but row D is step-free.

Captioned boxes are hung at either side of the Circle level and will be showing text.



From the foyer, a flight of 16 steps leads you down to the Stalls and Bookshop. As you approach this level, you will feel 1 stud on the metal hand rail. The other hand rail is wood.

For the staircase leading to the Bar & Kitchen, turn left at the bottom of the stairs. To access the Bookshop, turn left towards the Bar & Kitchen stairs and then right; the Bookshop is on a balcony overlooking the bar and there are also additional books located on shelves at the bottom of the stairs in the Bar & Kitchen.

The Stalls level of the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs and the stage is accessible from this level. To access the stage, their is a narrow staircase. Staff will be situated at the stairs to assist.

From the Stalls level you will be able to access the inside of the auditorium and step onto the stage. There is a slight slope downwards towards the stage and there are 5 steps up to the side of the stage.

To access the Stalls level accessible toilet turn right at the bottom of the stairs and then left through an open doorway.

If you have taken the lift down to the stalls level then the toilet will be in front of you slightly to the left.



From the Stalls level, there is a staircase of 11 steps and a platform lift, which lead down to the Bar & Kitchen. There is one 1 stud at the top of the metal hand rail and 2 studs at the bottom which indicate the Bar & Kitchen level.

Free soft drinks, hot drinks and biscuits will be available in the Bar & Kitchen.

In the Bar & Kitchen there will be visual and audio recorded promotional footage for the upcoming production of, ‘For Black Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Hue Gets Too Heavy’.

There are toilets in the Bar & Kitchen, these are located to the right when you enter the Bar & Kitchen. These toilets include a room of Cubicles only and another room of Cubicles and Urinals.



At the back of the foyer on the right-hand side, behind the Box Office and past the lift, there is a long staircase leading upwards made up of eight flights of stairs (64 steps), separated by small landings. Two flights (18 steps) take you up to the Balcony of the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs and the Balcony Bar. There is 1 stud at this level.

A separate L-shaped staircase of 11 steps, a landing and a further 7 steps leads to the Balcony level only and is located directly to the left of the main entrance doors.

In the Balcony Bar the Royal Court writer’s podcases will be playing as well as there being the Royal Court theatre built from Lego.



From the Balcony level if you continue up the staircase you will find a small landing and then two stairs directly ahead leading to the Dressing Room area. On the right will be the Balcony level toilets, a set of Urinals & Cubicles and a set of Cubicles only.

To enter the Fly Floor and Dressing Room, you will go past these toilets and enter Level 2 where you can go into the Yellow Dressing Room where a selection of costumes & props are presented including prosthetics from previous productions. These can be touched.

Also on level 2 is access to the Fly Floor which offers a Birds Eye view of the stage in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs.

We hope you enjoyed your time with us, and the experiences available to you today.

We look forward to welcoming you back again soon.

Thank you.