Royal Court Theatre Included in Photography Series 'Custodians for Covid'

Published on Thu 2 Jul 2020

Oxford-based photographer Joanna Vestey and collaborator Tara Rowse have set up the photography series and fundraising initiative Custodians for Covid to raise funds for theatres currently in crisis due to the Covid-imposed lockdown.

Vestey has produced a collection of 20 photographs, each featuring an affected London theatre, portraying the custodian who is charged with its care during this time of crisis.

Pictured for the Royal Court is Bar & Kitchen Manager Robert Smael, who has, since March also been caretaker of the building visiting weekly and ensuring all rund well during the buildings shutdown.

The photographs are being sold in limited editions to raise funds for each theatre. The target is to raise £1million in charitable donations for the 20 London theatres, amounting to £50,000 per theatre.

The images are for sale through Joanna Vestey’s website, with the image of the Royal Court available here. The final print of each theatre’s Custodian for Covid image has been produced in a limited edition of /250 at 50×60 cm available for £200. Selling out the full editions would amount to raising over £50,000 for each theatre.

For the full press release, click here.

Photo credit: Robert Smael, Bar & Kitchen Manager, (Caretaker of the Building), The Royal Court Theatre.  London, June 2020 © Joanna Vestey.