S6 Ep2: Pablo Manzi talks to Omar Elerian

The following content may contain strong language.

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This conversation has been transcribed and can be accessed here: https://royalcourttheatre.com/podcasts/playwrights-podcast-transcript-of-series-6-episode-2-pablo-manzi-talks-to-omar-elerian/

Full introduction by Omar Elerian:

Pablo Manzi has developed most of his work as a playwright with the Chile-based collective BONOBO with whom he has written the plays ‘Amansadura’, ‘Where the Barbarians Live’ and ‘You Shall Love’. His texts have been presented in festivals in Japan, Italy, The Netherlands, Peru, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, the USA, Sweden and Chile. He was invited by the Royal Court theatre and the British Council to do a residency in London where he wrote ‘A Fight Against/Una Lucha Contra’ directed by Sam Pritchard. Currently he is developing ‘Temis’, his latest project with BONOBO.