Royal Court Theatre announces Anna Himali Howard as director of Graceland by Ava Wong Davies

Published on Thu 11 Aug 2022

Anna Himali Howard will direct Ava Wong Davies’ new play Graceland, which will run in the Royal Court Theatre Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from Thursday 9 February 2023 to Saturday 11 March 2023, with press night on Wednesday 15 February 2023, 7pm.


“There was a cliff on the horizon. I didn’t know, but then again, maybe I did, and I just didn’t want to look.”  

She meets him at an old friend’s barbecue, ketchup dribbling down her chin, face ruddy from too much beer. He stands away from everyone else, beautiful and aloof. Their stories couldn’t be more different, but they flirt, and then they fall in love.

Everything is perfect, until it isn’t. Or maybe it never was.

“I didn’t —   

I don’t —   

Believe in love at first sight.   

But it feels like I am falling.   

What else would you call that?”


Graceland was developed as part of an Introduction to Playwriting group at the Royal Court and is a Sister co-production.

See here for the full press release.