Royal Court Theatre announces cast for Word-Play by Rabiah Hussain, directed by Nimmo Ismail

Published on Fri 23 Jun 2023

The Royal Court Theatre today announced that Issam Al Ghussain, Kosar Ali, Simon Manyonda, Sirine Saba and Yusra Warsama have been cast in Rabiah Hussain’s new play Word-Play, directed by Nimmo Ismail. 

Word-Play runs at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs from Thursday 20 July to Saturday 26 August 2023. Press night is on Wednesday 26 July 2023 at 7pm. 

Word-Play is designed by Rosanna Vize, with lighting design by Jamie Platt. The composer and sound designer is XANA, the movement director is Ken Nakajima and the casting director is Isabella Odoffin. The voice coach is Emma Woodvine, the assistant director is Aneesha Srinivasan and the associate designer is Alys Whitehead. 

“We’ve got another 10 minutes before shit really hits the fan.”

In the Downing Street Press Office an emergency meeting has been called. The Prime Minister has been ad-libbing on live TV (again) and his words are going viral. There is a flurry of accusations, and demands for an apology; but as the team debate what to do next, it’s already too late. His words have found their way to dinner parties, bus journeys and newspaper columns across the nation – and not everyone is angry.

Rabiah Hussain’s new play, directed by Nimmo Ismail, explores the top-down structures of language and their far-reaching, long-lasting consequences.

“History always ripples on. Even if we don’t realise it.”

Word-Play was developed whilst Rabiah Hussain was on attachment as part of the Royal Court Theatre and Kudos Writing Fellowship in 2019.

There will be a post-show talk with Rabiah Hussain on Wednesday 2 August 2023.

Playwright Rabiah Hussain said: “Word-Play unpacks the power of political language. And explores how it travels across society, landing in different places before seeping into the public consciousness.

You can expect the play to be everything that words themselves are – light, heavy, powerful and questioning.

Alongside a wonderful team of cast and creatives, I am so excited to share this exploration of language with people.”


To read the full press release, see here.