Tife Kusoro Announced as the Recipient of the Lynne Gagliano Writer's Award

Published on Thu 27 Feb 2020

Tife Kusoro has been chosen as the recipient of the Lynne Gagliano Writer’s Award, which supports a writer aged 18 – 25 to undertake a paid writing assignment to create a new piece of work with the Royal Court Theatre. Tife will be attached to the Royal Court for 40 days between January and December 2020, will be assigned a mentor, receive free theatre tickets and engage with Royal Court’s Participation department’s projects.

The aim of the Lynne Gagliano Writer’s Award is to support an emerging playwright who is interested in writing for and with community members and young people.  The yearlong award will support the writer to have space, training and experience in participation contexts.

The ethos of the Lynne Gagliano Writer’s Award is based on the founding principles of Young Court as envisioned by Lynne Gagliano. Lynne was the Head of Participation at the Royal Court from 2008 and died suddenly in 2016. This award is a continuation of her legacy.