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By Levi David Addai

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Wed 06 Sep 2006

Coach and Bossman are a dynamic duo tearing up the airwaves at Borough FM. Together they have become radio heroes, but someone’s getting above their station, putting Borough FM in the shade. There’s a storm brewing and the live phone-ins might not be able to provide all the answers. United they may stand but divided…

93.2FM is a sharp comedy about friendship, depicting the age-old dilemma of ‘community’ versus ‘mainstream’ and how to remain loyal to your roots while following your dreams. It’s about achieving your goals and what may, or may not be compromised along the way.

Direction: Dawn Walton

Cast: Will Beer, Lorna Brown, Richie Campbell, Seroca Davis, Emmanuel Idowu, Ashley Madekwe and Ofo Uhiara.

"This is a must-see new play, not only for young people but for everyone. Levi has his finger on the pulse - a writer to watch out for"

Angie le Mar, Choice FM

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