Open Court: Climate Emergency

After the Flood

Created by Anthony Simpson-Pike in collaboration with Zoë Svendsen, Tassos Stevens, Anna-Maria Nabirye and Jess Mabel Jones

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Fri 13 Mar 2020

After a disaster, communities can come together in ways they don’t normally under the daily constraints of capitalism. But disasters can also be used to divide people and encourage authoritarianism. What if we didn’t leave it up to chance? What if we rehearsed for the future we want to see?

Over 12 hours a group of citizens will do just this. From 8pm until 8am the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs at the Royal Court Theatre will become a shelter where we must stay as a result of a flood. From the evening until the morning, we will have to make decisions about how we live together and attempt to become the community we will need to be in the context of the climate crisis, rehearsing our vision live.

This is an experiment in understanding how theatre might offer transformation in responding to the climate crisis. It asks, how can theatres allow us to imagine new ways of living together? And is it possible to rehearse for the future?

Anthony Simpson-Pike is a director, writer, dramaturg and facilitator with a passion for theatre centring on young people and communities. Zoë Svendsen is a director, dramaturg and researcher. Tassos Stevens is a director, stunt performer and actor. Anna-Maria Nabirye is an actor, creative artist & director. Jess Mabel Jones is a theatre-maker, activist and actor.

Part of Open Court: Climate Emergency.
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Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

8pm – 8am

Free but ticketed



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