At the Table & Almost Nothing

By Marcos Barbosa

At the Table & Almost Nothing Top / Details
Thu 05 Feb 2004
AT THE TABLE (A MESA) "This is men's stuff - it's not for little kids. When you get back, you're going to have some stories to tell." ALMOST NOTHING (QUASE NADA) "It was all over in a flash but I can remember it. When you screamed and I saw that figure come up to the car, I couldn't tell what it was." Marcos Barbosa took part in a writers' group in Sao Paulo run by the Royal Court in association with the British Council in April 2001. His short play ALMOST THREE was produced as part of the Royal Court's International Season 2002. He attended the Royal Court's International Residency 2002 on a British Council scholarship, developing his play ALMOST NOTHING, presented as a rehearsed reading in New Plays from Brazil in January 2003. ALMOST NOTHING premiered at the Teatro Popular do SESI in So Paulo, September 2003. Directed by Roxana Silbert Translated by Mark O'Thomas Running time: 1 hour and 50 minutes with a 20 minute interval


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